April 20th 2022 – 5° Webinar:

“The Green Deal and the coatings industry”

Contributions from the chemical industry and its supply chain for the formulation of coatings, adhesives, printing inks and related products for a circular economy using bio based and recycled materials.


Chairman: Gian Luigi Creonti

In-can biocides based on renewable raw material.

Speaker: Roberto Sapio/Lanxess (I)

Latest developments in biobased resins for paints and coatings.

Speaker: Markus Dimmers/Alberdingk Boley (D)

Beet pulp for bio solutions.

Speaker: Raoul Dees/Royal Cosun (NL)

TomaPaint: a natural bioresin from tomato by-products.

Speaker: Tommaso Barbieri/TomaPaint (I)

BIOMERE: the first world’s bio-degradable waxes series to avoid micro-plastics formation.

Speaker: Bianca Mori/Oxipol (I)

Our road to sustainable products.

Speaker: Toine Biemans/Worléè (D)

Towards sustainability: biopaint lesson.

Speaker: Marcello Vitale/IVM Chemicals (I)

Trends driving powder coatings sustainability and low bake technologies.

Speaker: Robertino Chinellato/Allnex Italy (I)