September 19th 2023 – Milan at Centro Congressi Fast – P.le R. Morandi 2

“Focus REACH, Green Deal, normative about limitation of diisocyanates.
Bio products: reality and new developments”

The conference is addressed to REACH regulatory managers, technicians and managers of chemical companies, suppliers of raw materials, specialties and chemicals for different formulations, manufacturers of paints, varnishes, coatings, building chemicals, adhesives and sealants, composite materials, industries of lightweight materials manufacturers and wood sector. Furthermore, the event is addressed to users of polyurethane foams, catalysts and others.

The cost of participation is € 100.00+Iva. You will have the opportunity to interact with the speakers of the day who will be happy to provide you with further clarifications.

After the conference, all the attendees will receive the contact details of each speaker and the digital link to be able to download the presentations in PDF format and the recording of the presentations only after the author’s authorization.


The main regulatory critical issues for the formulator of paints and coatings.
Speaker: Filippo Busolo – CHEMLER

How biosourced binders can leverage your decarbonisation strategy
Speaker: Sophia Rhazali – ECOAT

REACH registration of polymers: useful tips to be prepared despite the uncertainties about the timing
Speaker: Paola Ulivi – DANGER & SAFETY

The new rules for the use of diisocyanates
Speaker: Filippo Busolo – CHEMLER

Sun Chemical/Sapici at the forefront of polyisocyanates and prepolymers with low free monomer content

Speaker: Guglielmo Catel – SUN CHEMICAL/SAPICI

Adding future: natural, high performance additives
Speaker: Phil Blakeman – ELEMENTIS

Transport of dangerous goods: regulatory compliance and logistics chain
Speaker: Filippo Lotto – CentroReach

Future proofing coatings
Speackers: Gianfranco Di Tanna/Luciano Pau – Associazione AITIVA